Cloud Business Sytems

We are implementation partners for all-in-one solution for Accounting, Inventory Management, Point of Sale & B2B e-commerce Software Systems

Business Automation

Through the implementation of these modern cloud systems there is high levels of process automation so that you can get on with the job of growing your customers and sales. Tedious administration and legacy bookkeeping become unnecessary.

Cloud ERP software empowers you to effectively manage your biggest investment and get up-to-the-minute inventory visibility, from automatic purchase creation, scanner based stock counts, or from sales. Inventory management has never been easier:

Simplify the challenges of product management. With our inventory system, you can create Product Families containing variations of the same product, each with a unique, automatically-generated SKU. Managing extensive product lines has never been simpler.

Grow your business across multiple locations while never losing track of stock. Our systems ensure you’ll always be in control of your inventory wherever it is located, with multi-warehouse management that lets you buy, sell and manufacture with ease, between any location.

Replace inefficient manual stock counts with quick and easy barcode scanning. Using a barcode scanner and our automated system will instantly select the correct entry from your stock – saving you hours of time and reducing human error.

From the moment stock is purchased, to when it is sold there is full real time visibility of every item. Automatically create the required sales data from your existing sales channels, whether it is the mobile POS or your website, into one central system.
Making well informed purchasing decisions will make you stay profitable and competitive in your industry.

Enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll always have enough stock. you can set low stock reorder points to automatically trigger a purchase order when you’re running low, while the automated backorder feature ensures sales orders are automatically fulfilled when stock arrives.

Use barcode scanning technology to save yourself time and reduce the risk of incorrect data entry. Whether on stock arrival or at point-of-sale, simply scan the product barcode and our system will automatically select the correct inventory every time.

Simplify purchase order management and gain back valuable time. Our system makes it easy to upload large purchase orders using a downloadable template – simply populate with your line items and upload to our centralised platform.

Choose your suppliers with confidence based on value and profit. By recording your entire purchase history, in real time, the system allows you to access comprehensive supplier information, powering intelligent decision-making and minimising financial losses

Import costs are allocated automatically to products on a granular level. Therefore, sales margins are recorded highly accurately giving you true margin on sales per product, not bundling costs into below the gross margin line, leaving you wondering if you are making valuable sales, per supplier, product or sales channel.

Automation of manufacturing production planning and execution using cloud based software. Run your manufacturing business with options that give you more functionality, smoother operations, better integrations, fewer logins, and lower operating costs.

We help you produce sophisticated Bills of Materials for all your products and by-product, giving you a true picture of raw material, labour and overhead costs allocation per product manufactured.

Forecast your plan with complete certainty over manufacturing costs and raw material order cycles. The production module gives you instant visibility into material levels and associated costs, as well as automatically creating orders for missing components and consumables. The labour and assets utilised in production are made visible in the capacity planning view, based on planned and unplanned production runs.

Never lose track of on-the-job costs. With DEAR’s Job Costing module, you can easily track your inventory and service-based expenses while a job is being undertaken, plus issue an invoice to the client with a built-in margin at pre-set milestones.

Don’t lose time accounting for damaged or missing inventory. Our Issue to Production module makes it incredibly simple to write off inventory that’s been lost, stolen, damaged, given away or used internally, and can be applied to both inventory and service-based expenses.

We can enable trace and track on every part of the manufacturing process, from the moment when raw materials are received, then enter production to the moment when final products are shipped. Knowing which exact components make up a finished product is essential to quality assurance, inspection and control.

Consolidate all the features you need to manage sales across multiple channels into one platform with order management software.

Say goodbye to complicated order tracking across multiple sales channels. Our systems put you in control of your inventory, with a consolidated list of incoming orders across all your channels, plus full visibility into current order status

Use drop shipping to sell items you don’t physically stock. Our Drop Shipment feature lets you create a sales order, then automatically generate a purchase order to your supplier with the shipment details – your customer receives the order, while you save time and paperwork!

Increase the speed and accuracy of your product pick stage with efficient barcode scanning. With our systems, you can use a barcode scanner to process inventory during product picks, reducing time and human error. Simply scan and let our systems take care of finding the correct inventory.
We enable route build and driver allocation based on least cost, most effective route planning. We can do this using google maps, and/or geolocating your customers.

All customer deliveries are managed through a device that records the customer delivery signature in real-time so that incorrect credit notes are a thing of the past.

The reporting module is automatically updated with real-time business information so that you can make the right decision at any time of the day.

Additionally, we provide automated dashboards showing your business performance across any sales channel, using modern data science tools. This gives you the ability to 'slice-and-dice' information based on supplier, product, category, location, sales-rep, or sales channel. In actual fact we can cater for any business view or dimension you can think of.

The dashboards are fully interactive with drill down capability to detail transaction information in real-time.

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Cloud Accounting Solutions

We are Xero Advisors and Qualified Chartered Accountants

We are here to solve your accounting hangover by integrating cloud technologies.

Xero is an award-winning, cloud-based accounting software that has millions of users all around the globe. Because it’s cloud-based, you virtually have 24/7 access to your accounting anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

A subscription Xero software offers the following amazing features:

  • Manage Projects
  • Automated Bank Statements & Recon
  • Automated Expense Management
  • Employee Expense Management
  • Automated Accounting Workflows
  • Real-time VAT accounting
We Use Xero To
Manage Projects

Full project time allocation, cost recovery, and automatic invoice creation. Projects can be allocated securely to specific project resources and project associated costs recovered in real-time.

Automated Bank Statements & Recon

With connections to most banks, we will enable automated statement capture. Bank reconciliation is fast and can be highly automated with bank statement line reconciliation rules.

Automated Expenses Management

No more data entry, no more filing. Expenses are scanned in or loaded by picture or document, and can then be automatically posted to the general ledger for matching once the bank feed comes in. 

Employee Expense Management​

Xero expense management helps you reduce the hidden costs of processing expense claims by providing simplified workflows, powerful control and integrated accounting.

Automate Accounting Workflows

Xero’s automated workflows make running your business a please as there is very little daily admin to perform. This leaves you with more time on your hands to focus on you clients and growing your business.

Real-time VAT

VAT is automatically calculated and posted on every transaction with very little user interaction. We can integrate VAT directly with SARS, completely eliminating the need to manual VAT returns. This reduces the manual bookkeeping, improves cash visibility and ensures that your financial position is always up to date.

Payroll Management

It’s important to find a payroll solution that helps you manage your employees and business both effectively and efficiently. We use an affordable and accurate comprehensive payroll solution. Your payroll will be highly automated, and is both SARS and South Africa Labor legislation compliant.

Our Solutions:

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